Your Church Consultation

The road I drive down almost everyday dead ends at a cemetery. After living here for 12 years; I hardly ever notice it, and unless I have a memorial service, I rarely think of it. It is easy to forget it’s there.

The same is true in your church. You get used to the way things look and the way things operate. For most people it’s easy to forget about things that a new person quickly notices. No one new comes to my community without noticing the big cemetery on a hill in the middle of town.

Your church has a recent history and guest experiences that tell a story you need to know as a church leader. That’s why with every church consultation, you will receive:

An on-site review of your building and parking

An analysis of giving and attendance trends

A demographic and psychographic assessment

Reflections from attenders and even outsiders

Action plans for your leadership team

Follow-up coaching

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