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Join Trent and Alan on their podcast as they explore practical insights for pastors and church leaders in helping their churches build a lasting influence. Look for episodes this May.

Episode 1: Meet Alan and Trent

Episode 2: Pastor Poker

Episode 3: The Toughest Daily Job of the Pastor

Episode 4: Enduring a Rough Season

Episode 5: Enduring a Season of Success

Episode 6: Saturday Night Special

Episode 7: The Church is Killing My Family

Episode 8: Pastoring in a Small Church

Episode 9: Scheduling the Daily Grind

Episode 10: The Coyote Principle

Episode 11: Pastoring Your Community

Episode 12: Dying for a Change

Episode 13 : Placed and Called

Episode 14: Mission Control

Episode 15: Don’t Count Me Out

Episode 16: Focus on the Positive

Episode 17: Pastoring a Family Run Church

Episode 18: How to Deal With Cliques

Episode 19: Calling a Pastor, Pt 1 & Episode 20: Calling a Pastor, Pt 2

Episode 21: Does Your Church Need a Consultation

Episode 22: Being a Pastor’s Kid with Jacque Young

Episode 23: Meet the Wives, pt 1 & Episode24: pt 2

Episode 25: Ministering in a Declining Area

Episode 26: Trends We See in Smaller Churches

Episode 27: The Money Trap

Episode 28: Living in your Strengths

Interview 1: Our Interview with Luke Heirendt

Episode 29: Invisible Leadership

Interview 2: Our Interview with Charles Boswell

Episode 30: When To Cut a Program

Interview 3: Our interview with Norm with IMD International

Episode 31: Statements that Break Enduring Momentum

Interview 4: Our interview with Brett Selby

Episode 32: Cyber Church

Episode 33: Mistaken Me

Episode 34: Our Best Days in Ministry

I5: Our Interview with Wes Faulk

Episode 35: Pastoral Rest

Episode 36: Happy Thanksgiving, Don’t be a Turkey

Episode 37: Hope for the Holidays

Episode 38: How to Have a Critical Conversation

Episode 39: Experiencing Generation Z

Episode 40: Proof Trent Has a Heart

Episode 41: 20/20 Vision

Episode 42: Need a Map

Episode 43: Accountability in 2020

One thought on “Our Podcast

  1. Listened to episode #1…. thanks for sharing.
    Pastor Trent, Many thanks for your past service in Colorado! God bless you as you continue Seed planting and Harvest!!

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